Colloquium 1

ELF awareness in ELT: The processes, outputs and outcomes of the ENRICH Project

The ENRICH Project Partners

Nicos Sifakis

Yasemin Bayyurt

Lili Cavalheiro

Maria Fountana

Lucilla Lopriore

Dina Tsagari

This Colloquium draws on the discussion taking place during the Round Table 1 “ELF awareness in ELT: The vision and key principles of the ENRICH Project” and provides a comprehensive picture of the processes, outputs and outcomes of the ENRICH Project. It includes five presentations by the ENRICH Partners, each one of which offers useful information about different aspects of the project. These aspects refer to the Needs Analysis study which was carried out at the beginning of the project (with more than 1,200 participants), the Continuous Professional Development Course (CPD) which was developed, piloted and implemented in 2020 (with about 250 participants from all over the world) and the e-learning environment which hosts it (, the Handbook to English as a Lingua Franca Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms which has been developed and published in a digital and printed format, and, finally, the processes and outcomes of evaluation and quality assurance, as well as dissemination and exploitation, within the life of the project.

Colloquium 2

Revisiting ELT practices and beliefs in an ELF aware perspective: Teachers’ voices form a teacher education course

Lucilla Lopriore

Silvia Sperti

Alessandra Canneli

Valeria Fiasco

The purpose of this Colloquium is to describe and discuss the English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)-aware approach (Sifakis, 2007, 2019; Sifakis & Bayyurt, 2018)) of the ENRICH Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Course as implemented in Italy in its first and main implementation in 2020 and in its second edition in 2021. The adoption of such an approach elicited teachers’ awareness of changes occurring in the current status of English and induced a reflective perspective on the implications of teaching it within a moveable scenario where English teaching traditions are often challenged.

The following ENRICH CPD Course participants are invited to take part in the Colloquium: Emma Abbate, Liceo Scientifico “A.Diaz” (High School), Caserta, Italy; Saima Abedi, SPELT, Pakistan; Maria Angela Ceruti, I. C. “Card. A. Casaroli” (Lower high school), Castel San Giovanni (PC), Italy; Francesca De Porzi, I.C. Martin Luther King (Lower high school), Rome, Italy.

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