ELF-awareness in ELT

We invite abstracts for paper and poster presentations that focus on discussing theoretical and/or empirical perspectives on the concept of ELF-awareness in relation to English Language Teaching (ELT) and one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Classroom practices
  • Curriculum and syllabus design
  • Courseware and instructional materials development
  • Language assessment
  • Teacher education

ELF and relevant domains in ELT

We welcome abstracts that refer to ELT-related insights from research in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), English as an International Language (EIL) and World Englishes (WE), multilingualism, plurilingualism, translingualism, interculturalism, pluriculturalism and transculturalism.

Sample topics

Relevant topics may include, for instance:

  • ELF-awareness in English Language Teaching: Pedagogical concerns, challenges and opportunities
  • ELF-awareness and the development of communicative competences and transversal skills
  • Raising intercultural competence through ELF-aware instructional practices
  • Development and use of ELF-aware instructional materials
  • Use of innovative teaching practices (e.g., CLIL, ICT) in raising learners’ ELF-awareness 
  • Continuous Professional Development of ELF-aware English language teachers
  • Transformative practices in ELF-aware pedagogy and teacher education

Paper and poster presentations that present original ELF-aware materials (e.g., lesson plans or tasks integrating issues related to ELF) and/or data from empirical research (e.g., learners’ contributions on tasks or their perspectives during reflective discussions), especially in the era of COVID-19, will be prioritised.

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